Read a brief overview of the five impact investments in CCM’s Impact Award 2019.
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*Voting ended on December 6, 2019. Follow us on social media to find out who won the CCM Impact Award for 2019.

CCM's Impact Award 2019 Finalists are:

  • The Conservation Fund, Nationwide (Corporate)
  • Cooper Square Senior Housing, New York, NY (Agency CMBS)
  • Grace West Manor Apartments, Newark, NJ (Agency CMBS)
  • The Roost, Seattle, WA (Agency CMBS)
  • Rosenberg Apartments, Santa Rosa, CA (Agency CMBS)


The Conservation Fund (Corporate)

Founded in 1985, The Conservation Fund is a non-profit organization with a presence in all 50 states. The Fund uses its capital and technical expertise to protect critical natural and cultural resources while strengthening local communities.  Its mission is to protect America’s legacy of land and water resources through land acquisition, sustainable community and economic development, and leadership training, emphasizing the integration of economic and environmental goals. 

In 2016, the Chief of the U.S. Forest Service estimated that by 2060 the U.S. could lose up to 37 million acres of privately held forests to fragmentation or conversion to non-forest uses. The Fund seeks to disrupt this pathway of forest loss while preserving the productive value of these working assets and securing the multiple societal benefits working forests generate.  As of July 2019, the Fund has deployed over $514.4 million in capital across 34 projects to protect approximately 643,000 acres of U.S. timberland.

Bond proceeds are being used to finance new and existing Eligible Green Projects and repay approximately $25 million of secured indebtedness of Clarion Junction that was used to help acquire Clarion Junction Forest. Eligible Green Projects are projects that meet one or more of the following Eligibility Criteria:

Land Conservation

Acquiring conservation properties on an interim basis in order to efficiently safeguard these properties for wildlife, recreation or historic significance through the conveyance of such properties to government agencies or conservation partners.

Working Forest Protection

Conserving large tracts of privately-owned timberland, known as working forests, in the United States by acquiring and managing such properties until permanent protections are put in place that are designated to preserve the productive value of the properties as working forests. This may include the implementation of sustainable forest management, obtaining third-party forest certifications (such as Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Forest Stewardship Council) and securing permanent conservation outcome via deed restrictions and/or easements.

Impact Theme:

conservation fund 2

Cooper Square Senior Housing - New York, NY (Agency CMBS)

Cooper Square Senior Housing is an affordable rental property for seniors in New York City. The property consists of 151 units, 150 of which receive Section 8 assistance, and is managed by Jewish Association Serving the Aging (JASA) Housing Management, a non-profit provider of affordable senior housing in New York City. 

As owner and manager, JASA Housing Management provides tenants with safe, secure, and accessible environments as well as social services and activities that strengthen and enliven the local communities. The agencies goal is to keep seniors living safely in their own homes, in their familiar surroundings, with independence, dignity and joy.  In 2018, JASA’s life sustaining programs were responsible for assisting 43,000 seniors. 

Cooper Square residents have access to comprehensive services to meet their complex needs. The wide range of programs include social services, education and recreational activities, supportive counseling, assistance with securing benefits and entitlements, health-related services, and transportation. The property is considered very walkable, where most errands can be accomplished on foot, creating one of the simplest and best solutions for the environment, overall health, and the economy.  The agency also collaborates with various New York City government and community organizations on eco-friendly "green initiatives" to make capital improvements to residential properties.

Impact Themes:

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Grace West Manor Apartments - Newark, NJ (Agency CMBS)

Located in Newark, New Jersey where 50% of the population lives below the poverty line, Grace West Manor Apartments aims to provide safe and decent affordable housing. The property consists of a 12-story tower with 324 units designated for senior citizens and 21 town homes with 105 units designed for families. All 429 units receive Section 8 assistance. 

The property is currently undergoing renovations with expected completion in 2020. Improvements are being made to upgrade community spaces and units, enhance the safety and security of residents, and reduce the property’s carbon impact. Common area improvements will include new furniture and finishes, a new fitness room, enhanced community and game rooms, a lounge including a computer workstation, and a medical exam room. The landscaping, irrigation, and outdoor areas will also be improved. Unit upgrades will include new kitchen counters and cabinets, Energy Star refrigerators and ranges, LED lighting, and low-flow faucets.

Additional funds will be used to further expand the property’s social and recreational programs by offering residents programs such as Zumba, art and exercise classes, senior wellness and game days, children’s programming, a community choir, holiday parties, and Black and Hispanic History month activities. Residents will have access to enhanced educational and awareness programs such as senior safety, fraud prevention, disaster preparation, breast cancer, lung cancer and stroke awareness programs, health and vision screenings, and nutritional programs. The property is located at the southern edge of Newark’s central business district, with easy access to transit, services, and downtown amenities. In addition, several bus lines serve the property.  

Impact Themes:

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The Roost - Seattle, WA (Agency CMBS)

Built in 2018 to support and strengthen the Seattle arts community, The Roost’s co-living community gives opportunities for artists to live, work, share ideas, and connect with others.  The property features 35 units, with 9 units reserved for low-income residents.  In addition to artists housing, the mixed-use property supports the arts with a non-profit arts organization occupying the lower level of the building. 

The Roost was designed from the ground-up as a live-work housing property, focused on goals of affordability, livability, community, support of the Arts, and sustainability.  The residential units are double height spaces with a loft bed, freeing up the room on the main level for workspace or living room furnishing and functioning like unique one-bedroom apartments. Residents can enjoy three shared kitchen spaces, a dining area, TV lounge, meeting space, on-site laundry, and complimentary Wi-Fi. The shared spaces provide a community center for gatherings and create more opportunities for chance encounters among neighbors as part of the day-to-day living experience.

The Roost is designed to be energy and resource efficient and is one of only three apartment buildings in Washington State to achieve a Built Green 5-star rating. The 5-star rating certification is granted when a building achieves 30% energy use improvement above current Washington State Code and has installed a solar PV or solar thermal system. The overall energy performance at The Roost has been designed to be a third of a conventional apartment building. 

The property is considered very walkable, where most errands can be accomplished on foot, creating one of the simplest and best solutions for the environment, overall health, and the economy.  To encourage the use of nearby public transportation the property does not provide any parking.  A secure room for 26 bikes is located in the lower level of the property to further encourage environmentally-friendly transportation options for residents.  Separate compost bins, garbage bins, and recycling bins are provided for each unit and complimentary compost bags are available in the community kitchen.

Impact Themes:

the roost 2


Rosenberg Apartments - Santa Rosa, CA (Agency CMBS)

Sitting in the heart of downtown Santa Rosa, California, Rosenberg Apartments provides housing for low-income, developmentally disabled, and senior adults.  Residents include the elderly; adults who are developmentally disabled, mentally ill and long-term chronically ill individuals; in addition to many people who are at risk of homelessness. The property consists of six stories with 77 units and includes an 800 square foot community facility that residents and community partners can utilize. 

Supportive services are provided to residents on-site and are tailored to individual resident needs and include services such as case management, counseling, home delivered meals, and socialization activities.  These supportive services are provided through partnerships with local non-profit providers including Oaks of Hebron and Buckelew Programs.

Oaks of Hebron is a non-profit agency providing independent living services, a day program, and recreation services for persons with developmental disabilities. For the residents at Rosenberg Apartments, the agency helps with money management assistance, housekeeping, shopping, and job acquisition support.  Oaks of Hebron also operates a recreation and vacation program that provides access to events including day trips around the San Francisco Bay area such as bowling or a baseball game, weekend-get-away throughout California, and extended vacations. 

Buckelew Programs is a community-based non-profit providing a continuum of services to residents at Rosenberg Apartment.  Buckelew staff visit the residents on a regular basis to assist with the more complex tasks of daily living, including organization of household’s tasks, nutritional needs, meal preparation, food shopping, housekeeping, personal care, money management, and ordering or picking up medication. Supportive employment services focus on individualized career planning and employment needs on and off the job site. Mental health services offer a social rehabilitation model and recovery approach and include assistance with individual needs for problems solving, conflict resolution, medication education, goal setting, access to community resources such as employment and prevocational services, and recreation and social activities. Twenty-four hour on-call accessibility is provided for crisis intervention and emergency needs. 

Impact Themes:

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*Voting ended on December 6, 2019. Follow us on social media to find out who won the CCM Impact Award for 2019.

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