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*Voting ended on December 7, 2018. Follow us on social media to find out who won the CCM Impact Award for 2018. 

The CCM Impact Award 2018 Finalists are:


City and County of San Francisco – Affordable Housing (Taxable )

Homeownership opportunities are out of reach for the vast majority of San Francisco households, including low-, moderate- and middle-income residents. Only households earning well above 175% of area median income (AMI) are able to afford the average purchase price of a home in San Francisco. These high regional housing costs force individuals and families to leave the city and take on longer employment commutes. The housing affordability gap throughout the city makes it a challenge to ensure that economic diversity is maintained. 

In an effort to relieve some of this pressure, the City and County of San Francisco Taxable Bond proceeds are being used to finance projects and programs providing affordable housing to low-, moderate- and middle-income households. The majority (75%) of the Bond proceeds will help individuals with incomes at or below 80% of the area median income. The housing programs will serve vulnerable San Francisco residents with priority to populations that include low-income working families, veterans, homeless individuals and families, seniors, disabled individuals, and transitional-agedMunicipal youth. Some of the projects also include neighborhood artist work space, child care space, resident common areas. In addition, the new housing is within transit-oriented locations so that low- and moderate-income households’ combined housing/transit expenses can be minimized.

More specifically, the Bond proceeds will be used to:

  • Finance the construction, development, acquisition and preservation of housing affordable to low-, moderate- and middle-income households through programs that will prioritize vulnerable populations such as San Francisco’s working families, veterans, seniors and disabled persons.
  • Assist in the acquisition, rehabilitation, and preservation of affordable rental apartment buildings to prevent the eviction of long-term residents.
  • Repair and reconstruct dilapidated public housing.
  • Fund a middle-income rental program.
  • Provide homeownership down payment assistance opportunities for educators and middle-income households.

Impact themes:



Ryze Renewables, Las Vegas, NV (U.S. Government)

The increasing concern over U.S. dependence on oil imports and greenhouse gas emission in recent years has resulted in a greater interest in fuels like biodiesel, ethanol, and renewable diesel that can be produced from clean domestic feedstocks rather than petroleum. Renewable diesel is a true diesel that does not require blending and burns more efficiently with a higher cetane value than petroleum diesel.

The Renewable Energy Program Loan financed a loan to Ryze Renewables Las Vegas, LLC, a company committed to ending human reliance on fossil fuels by creating superior clean diesel from renewable feedstocks. The renewable energy company converts distiller’s corn oil (a renewable feedstock byproduct of ethanol production), ester’s fatty acids, or other non-food renewable feedstocks into 100% renewable diesel fuel.  

Loan proceeds are being used to acquire and repurpose an existing biodiesel fuel production and shipping facility located in an area of industrial development in North Las Vegas, Nevada (Clark County). The project will include internal expansion of the existing biodiesel facility and investments in additional equipment to convert it into a renewable diesel facility. 

Following the completion of construction, diesel fuel production will commence utilizing the U.S. patented IsoTherming® Hydroprocessing Technology. This unique technology introduces hydrogen more efficiently allowing Ryze Renewables Las Vegas, LLC to use feedstocks that have a better carbon intensity value than ones used by other processes. The Las Vegas facility will create 4,500 barrels per day (60,000,000 gallons per year) of Drop-ln Renewable Diesel from used cooking oils, tallow, and distillers corn oil.

In addition, Ryze Renewables Las Vegas, LLC will employ 67 new employees to staff and operate the new facility and the company projects an average hourly wage of $26.16.  Employee benefits include 100% company sponsored health insurance, overtime, paid time off/sick/vacation time, retirement plan/profit sharing/401K, merit increases, bonuses and tuition assistance. 

Impact themes:



Lawndale Terrace Apartments, Chicago, IL (Agency CMBS)

North Lawndale, a neighborhood in Chicago, IL which has seen population loss and divestment, has been targeted for redevelopment and revitalization assistance by the City of Chicago.  According to the North Lawndale Neighborhood Plan published in June 2017 by the North Lawndale Community Coordinating Council, residents of the community need safe and decent affordable housing.  The community’s historic architecture, proximity to downtown Chicago, and high level of transit expose the community to the potential for rapid higher-end redevelopment overtime, which causes concerns about the future affordability for existing residents. 

In an effort to provide safe and decent affordable housing in this community, the Lawndale Terrance Apartments project renovated and consolidated two aging Section 8 developments (Lawndale Terrace and Plaza Court) into one property.  The remodeled apartments consist of one property with 198 affordable units for families.  The Lawndale Terrace Apartments are in a low-income, high-minority and high-poverty census tract.  Given ninety-eight percent of the population residing in this census tract are minority households and 62% of the population lives below the poverty line, the project preservation of affordable housing is critical.  In addition, the on-site renovation work was performed under collective bargaining agreements with local building and construction trade unions, creating an estimated 90 union construction jobs. 

Impact themes:



Hawthorne Eco Village Apartments, Minneapolis, MN (Agency CMBS)

Built on what was once a set of vacant lots, home to drug crime, foreclosures, and crumbling houses, Hawthorne Eco Village Apartments is a new affordable rental property in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Located in a low-income, majority-minority and high-poverty census tract, Hawthorne Eco Village is anticipated to help revitalize the Lyndale and Lowry intersection and be a catalyst for additional housing development in the area. The apartments are part of a multi-phase community project to build sustainable and affordable green living residences. The project is planned as an innovative, sustainable neighborhood focused on restoring balance to natural systems, supporting resident health, and cultivating a strong sense of community. The development of Hawthorne Eco Village Apartments used best practices in community-based development, neighborhood revitalization, and sustainable green development to create a model for healthier and more stable, livable communities. 

Project for Pride in Living (PPL) built and manages the property. The 75 units at Hawthorne Eco Village are part of over 1,300 units of safe, quality, affordable housing built and managed by PPL throughout the Twin Cities available to households making less than 60% of the area median income.  In addition to affordable housing, PPL also provides no cost employment readiness services for residents and internships with a PPL employer partner. 

Other property features, and amenities include:

  • 75 affordable rental housing units (mix of one-, two-, and three bedrooms), all of which are affordable to households at or below 50 percent of the Area Median Income.
  • Green elements including a state-of-the-art system to treat and infiltrate rainwater, a green roof on a portion of the main apartment building, highly efficient mechanical systems, and a ground floor bike storage room to encourage use of alternative transportation modes.
  • Playground for children, public art, a patio with grills, underground heated parking, a community room, and a fitness room.
  • Up to four of the apartments will be set aside for those experiencing long-term homelessness and earning at or below 30 percent of the Area Median Income.
  • Project for Pride in Living also manages a community garden adjacent to the Hawthorne Eco Village Apartments that residents of the property may access.
  • Ready access to public transportation on Lyndale and Lowry Avenues North and good access to both the near northern suburbs and the downtown core.

Impact themes:



The Willows at Rahway, Rahway, NJ (Taxable Municipal)

Formerly known as Rahway Residence for the Arts, The Willows at Rahway is a Low-Income Housing Tax Credit property in Rahway, New Jersey. The property is in a majority-minority census tract where 52% of the population residing are minority households. The property consists of 58 dedicated low-income units featuring fully equipped kitchens, washers and dryers, large closets and energy efficient appliances and finishes. Five of the 58 total units are set aside for homeless individuals or families.

Located in the Rahway’s Arts District, the Willows at Rahway gives rental preference to artists and provides designated artist spaces in the form of both artist studios and performance space throughout the community.  Additional amenities include a fitness center and furnished sundecks. Residents have access to community and supportive services providing case management services for residents, including mental health counseling, rehabilitation services, vocation and employment assistance, general health and dental services, income support and benefits, and substance abuse treatment.

The Willows at Rahway is near the Union County Performing Arts Center, Rahway River, Arts Park, NJ Transit and is convenient to local retail, dining, and entertainment. The property is considered very walkable, where most errands can be accomplished on foot, creating one of the simplest and best solutions for the environment, overall health, and the economy.

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*Voting ended on December 7, 2018. Follow us on social media to find out who won the CCM Impact Award for 2018.

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